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Yeo & Yeo is a leading advisory firm in Michigan. Through our companies, we work with clients to achieve their unique goals. We think helping people navigate challenges and discover new opportunities is a pretty rewarding way to spend our time. At Yeo & Yeo, we do things differently. We want to hear about your goals and dreams and respond with hands-on experiences that align with your unique skills and passions. We can’t wait for you to share your career aspirations with us so that we can help you explore potential opportunities.

Our recruiting team meets with students throughout the year to fill our leadership programs, internships, and full-time entry-level positions. If Yeo & Yeo sounds like a good fit for you, we encourage you to contact our recruiter or apply today. You can also view opportunities you might be eligible for below.


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Applying today takes you one step closer to joining a firm of enthusiastic, driven, creative and intelligent problem solvers working together toward a common goal – to provide outstanding business solutions.

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A Culture of Care

The Yeo & Yeo family of businesses is committed to providing outstanding business solutions and exceeding client expectations through everything we do. Our people are trusted advisors, our clients are our friends and our community is our foundation.

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Michigan Recruiting

Summer Leadership Program

We offer a two-day Summer Leadership Program (SLP) that allows undergraduate students to experience a day in the life of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and learn about our firm’s unique culture. During the program, you will meet the CEO, participate in team-building activities and games, and have a chance to network with our professionals. Check out our past Summer Leadership Program highlights in our SLP video.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Yeo & Yeo coming to my campus?

Yeo & Yeo is typically on campus during the fall and winter semesters. Connect with your college/university career services department to learn which events we have coming up, or contact our Manager of Recruitment & Campus Relations directly.

What should my resume look like?

Resumes will look different for every candidate. Primarily, we want to see a clean, easy-to-read, well-formatted, single-page document that briefly shares all the work, professional, volunteer and educational experiences you believe have taught you something valuable. Check out our guide to creating a robot-friendly resume.

Do I need 150 credits completed before starting a full-time position?

If you are looking to join Yeo & Yeo in a full-time CPA capacity, we prefer that you have all 150 credits and your degree fully complete before starting full-time. However, we do not expect you to have your CPA license or to start the CPA exam before your first day.

How does Yeo & Yeo provide financial assistance for the CPA exam?

As soon as you sign a full-time offer letter with Yeo & Yeo, you will be given a combination of financial assistance and bonuses if you choose to work toward your CPA certification.

Yeo & Yeo will provide the following:

  • Paid days off while you sit for the exam.
  • Access to CPA study resources at a substantial discount.
  • A $4,000 CPA Certification Bonus paid as follows:
    • We provide $500 toward the initial cost of exams and new materials.
    • You will receive a $500 bonus for each of the first three sections successfully completed and then a $2,000 bonus upon obtaining your CPA license.
    • You can obtain $1,000 in the form of advances against the total CPA bonus to assist in covering the cost of the exams and review materials.
  • You will also be eligible to submit expenses incurred for registration and study materials up to the amount of the bonuses; thereby, you would receive the supported expense amount tax-free.
  • All bonuses are subject to a one-year work-off requirement from the date of receipt.
What sort of work experience do I need before an internship?

We do not require specific experience before beginning an internship with us. However, we strongly prefer that you have some general work experience (customer service, food service, on-campus employment, etc.). Previous accounting experience is not required.

What is an intern’s expected workload?

Most interns will work 40 hours per week and up to 55 hours per week (overtime over 40 hours would be paid at a rate of time and a half per hour), depending on the season and class schedule. The type of work will vary by service line; however, we provide interns with staff-level work to present a clear understanding of what a full-time career at the firm entails.

Will I be able to explore assurance, consulting and tax during my internship?

Most internships are focused on only one service line to allow a fully immersed experience and a significant understanding of how that service line fits your skillset. However, we encourage interns to network and job shadow associates across service lines during the internship.

When is the best time to do an internship?

As most public accounting deadlines fall between January and April, this season tends to contain the most robust internship experience. We do offer spring, summer, and fall internships, as well.

Visit our careers page to see a list of open positions.

What skills would an ideal intern have?

The ideal intern candidate will:

  • Seek and embrace leadership opportunities
  • Thrive in team environments
  • Value high-end client service
  • Possess strong critical thinking skills
  • Adapt to new technology quickly
  • Have strong, hands-on Microsoft skills
What is the Summer Leadership Program (SLP)?

SLP is our two-day learning and leadership development program that takes place the first or second week of June. The program offers undergraduate accounting students the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and learn about the firm's culture.

On the first day, students will have the opportunity to network with our staff either at either a baseball game or an entertainment venue featuring bowling, arcade games and more. On the second day, students will be able to shadow our professionals in their day-to-day work environment, hear career testimonials, meet the President and CEO and learn how to polish their interviewing and networking skills.

Applications for SLP are accepted from September to April, with interviews and offers extended during the winter semester.