Estates, Trusts & Gifts

Thorough estate and financial planning includes making arrangements for education, retirement, support of your survivors, investment of your assets and continuation of a closely held business. These plans will provide for your lifetime needs, as well as those of your descendants and dependents. A solid estate plan can reduce your beneficiaries’ tax burden.

Yeo & Yeo’s professionals can provide valued guidance that applies to your specific situation and assist you with the following services:

  • Estate Planning
  • Gift Tax Planning
  • Income Tax Planning for Estates & Trusts
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Charitable Gifting Strategies
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Estate Tax, Gift Tax and Fiduciary Income Tax Returns
  • Adequacy of Life Insurance
  • Business Valuation
  • Buy/Sell Agreements

By taking advantage of all the exemptions, deductions and estate planning strategies available, you can leave the legacy you desire to your loved ones, not Uncle Sam.

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Rebecca Millsap

Rebecca Millsap


CPAs & Advisors

Yeo & Yeo has been a trusted advisor for us. It’s not because they can do the tax return and help us with our ESOP. It’s that whole next step which is the relationship and the advice, and that’s what I truly value is the insights provided. Taking the complex and making it simple for our business is where the value is.


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