Your Business Success Partners

More Thank a Century of Experience

Yeo & Yeo is your business success partner. Through our family of companies, we work with you to achieve your unique goals. We wake up each day excited about helping you focus on what you do best. We walk beside you, navigating challenges and opportunities. We won’t overwhelm — but we always strive to over-deliver. That’s why we’re here.

How? We listen. We immerse ourselves in your world. We respond with a right-sized, customized relationship. We’re here to help, never judge, and are here as a partner in your needs and a catalyst in your success.

With more than a century of experience and perspective, we have the youthful, entrepreneurial spirit that energizes our people. Elevates our clients. And strengthens our communities. We open new possibilities. We are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and agile in our relationships. And we unleash potential every day. Yeo & Yeo. Let’s thrive.

Our Connected Companies

Our brand encompasses all of Yeo & Yeo’s distinct and connected companies. Our four companies and wide variety of services allow us to bring agility and the right-sized partnership to our clients.

Our brand is our promise

Yeo & Yeo’s brand is not just a symbol; it’s a promise. We are driven by empathy, possibility, agility, and enthusiasm. Whether it’s through one of our four Yeo & Yeo companies or our Foundation, we’re here to help our clients, our colleagues, and our communities thrive in every way possible. We are here with you.



We listen intently and respond authentically. We hear our clients’ goals and anxieties and alleviate them through knowledge, experience, and kindness.



Whatever your chosen path, wherever you’d like to go, Yeo & Yeo is a catalyst and confidant to help you get there.



What sets us apart is our ability to adapt perfectly to the size, scope, and needs of our clients. The right expertise for our clients’ exacting situations.



We wake up every morning thinking about the things that keep you up at night. Our enthusiasm for helping is both powerful and undeniable.

Yeo & Yeo Let's Thrive

Yeo & Yeo is a business success partner using the power of listening, perspective, and connected purpose to help our clients, communities, and colleagues thrive.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Yeo & Yeo has prepared our prepaid report for the last three years. They understand our business because they are experienced in the funeral home industry. They have a thorough knowledge of Michigan laws and proactively notify us if anything is changing. They walk us through the process so we understand what to do and why we’re doing it. We are very comfortable now and know that we are documenting everything correctly.

Kathleen CFSP, Vice President and Treasurer

Small-Mid Business

Very professional and easy to work with. Yeo & Yeo has a true understanding of our business.

Liz Director, Finance


We have relied on Yeo & Yeo for nearly 20 years. They do a great job providing the accounting and tax services that help our farming operations be successful.

Ben Partner


We rely on Yeo & Yeo for many items involved in the financial management of our company. Whether it’s finding hidden expenses which have required additional attention, to analyzing business opportunities and providing sound advice, Yeo & Yeo has been instrumental in our development and growth.

Brandon President


Yeo & Yeo has been a trusted advisor for us. It’s not because they can do the tax return and help us with our ESOP. It’s that whole next step which is the relationship and the advice, and that’s what I truly value is the insights provided. Taking the complex and making it simple for our business is where the value is.


Financial Institutions

Our goal? To help you reach all of yours.

Our brand reflects who we are. A relationship company that loves to see our clients thrive. We are more than just what we do. We are the sum of our clients’ success. We are Business Success Partners.