YeoSecure Combines SIEM & SOC Solutions for Optimized Cybersecurity

Yeo & Yeo Technology’s managed cybersecurity solution, YeoSecure, combines the thoroughness of Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) with the centralized oversight of a Security Operations Center (SOC). By merging professional expertise and advanced software, YeoSecure provides comprehensive SIEM solutions and protection for your organization.

YeoSecure simultaneously leverages SIEM-as-a-service and SOC-as-a-service. We use industry-leading SIEM software to track all your business’s event logs and network flow data. Using advanced algorithms, we can establish “normal” behavior and find abnormal and suspicious patterns. If a threat is detected, our SOC partners and internal cybersecurity professionals can quickly respond to protect your data.

Why is SIEM Important?

SIEM makes it easier for enterprises to manage security by filtering massive amounts of data and prioritizing security alerts for potential threats. SIEM provides a deep level of visibility into your network and creates a complete picture for IT staff, allowing them to improve your organization’s mean time to detect and respond.

24/7/365 Cybersecurity Coverage

Our SIEM monitors networks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If a threat is discovered, an alert is immediately sent to our SOC. From there, internal or external cybersecurity professionals can isolate, diagnose and remediate potential cyberattacks. Together, the SIEM and SOC systems detect real-time threats and stop them before they cause harm. 

  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Comply

Establish immediate detection of hidden threats and malicious behavior on your network before they result in an infection or data breach.

You may elect to receive remediation services from our support team to stop cybersecurity threats and have alerts sent to your team. 

We work with you to meet your business’s specific compliance obligations, including HIPAA, SOX, PII, PCI, and ISO certifications.

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