Episode One: TCJA and Year 2 of Tax Reform

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David Jewell
David Jewell CPA Managing Principal CPAs & Advisors

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On episode one of Everyday Business, host David Jewell, tax partner in Kalamazoo, is joined by John Haag, partner in the firm’s Midland office. Listen in as David and John discuss tax reform entering the second tax filing season with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in full effect.

  • Review of the TCJA changes and challenges from 2018. (1:55)
  • Identify learning areas from last season and how they apply for the 2019 filing season and how this will help listeners. (8:33)
  • Recommendations for listeners to take to their tax professionals with a national election on the horizon. (15:30)

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David Jewell

David Jewell


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John W. Haag Sr.

John W. Haag Sr.


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