Manager Spotlight: Get to Know Renee Elliott

Manager Spotlight: Get to Know Renee Elliott

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Renee Elliott was recently promoted to outsourced accounting manager. Let’s learn about Renee and her perspective on her career, her keys to success, and what makes working in accounting fun.

What are your roles in the firm?

As an outsourced accounting manager, my role typically involves overseeing financial processes, managing client accounts, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing strategic financial guidance. 

Tell us about your career path.

I joined Yeo & Yeo in 2019 after working for ten years in wealth management. I have enjoyed learning and growing with Yeo & Yeo’s tax and consulting teams. The support and collaboration of my colleagues have helped me succeed both professionally and personally. The outsourced accounting department continues to grow, and I am happy to have a leadership role in it going forward.

What has helped you succeed professionally?

In today’s rapidly changing environment, continuously learning and being adaptable is important. Being open to new skills and adapting to change are key factors for long-term success.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

I enjoy using my analytical skills to maintain accurate accounts, manage financial records, track transactions, and contribute to the overall financial health of our clients’ businesses. In addition, the outsourced accounting team is a great group of individuals that has a positive dynamic, and we all share the same goal of helping our clients succeed. 

What makes working in accounting fun?

No two days are the same in accounting. I enjoy the dynamic nature of our industry and the problem-solving that goes into reconciling accounts and improving financial systems.

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