Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication Required for EFTPS Effective October 19, 2023

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Effective October 19, 2023, businesses and individual taxpayers who make payments electronically via the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) must utilize Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The primary goal is to further enhance the website’s security and safeguard against unauthorized access threats.

This change is imperative for all organizations and individuals who make federal tax payments, including those using forms such as 941, 945, 1120, and 990 through the EFTPS website.

Action Required for Seamless EFTPS Use

Following the rollout on October 19, 2023, when you log into the EFTPS site, you will be prompted to register and authenticate through either or Only then can you proceed with your standard inputs, including your EIN or SSN, PIN, and password.

Your Tax Payment Dates Remain Unchanged

Note that your payments are still due on time, regardless of the website’s availability. If you require an alternative payment method during the MFA setup, you can pay by calling the EFTPS response system at 1.800.555.3453 and following the prompts.

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